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Articles on Orthodox Christianity and mission

Many of these articles formerly appeared in the Orthodox section of Suite101.com, which was "retired" in September 2001. There is a discussion board where you can comment on the articles. You may also suggest new articles, or submit articles you have written, which can be posted here.


Art and culture
Christian art and popular culture, including ikonography, music and similar topics

Church and society
Christianity and nationalism, racism, ethnicity, war, peace etc.

Mission and outreach
Evangelism, mission methods, mission history

Orthodoxy in the world of today
The task and responsibilities of Orthodoxy

Religion in general, and the relation between Orthodox Christianity and other religions

Theological topics

Responding to articles

If you would like to comment or ask questions about any of the articles, there are several ways you can do so:

  1. Orthodox Mission Corkboard

    You can use the Corkboard for questions or comments.

  2. There are also two web forums for Orthodox Christians in Southern Africa:

    Orthodox in Southern Africa

    Orthodox in Gauteng

    Join one (or both, if you live in Gauteng) to make contact with Orthodox Christians in southern Africa. Share news, coming events, questions, problems etc.

  3. E-mail the author - the name of the author of each article is given at the top, with a link by which you can contact them.

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